Omasik Coat Rack


Pine wood coat rack with four hooks, it has a ledge and a base made out of concrete, this gives the corresponding stability to the object.


Kiln dried Pine wood  coat rack. Assembled with a base of chisels,its concrete ledge is fixed with a metal rod. The base is made out of concrete, giving the piece  great stability. A varnish is applied as a Final finish.

This water-based varnish makes it extremely resistant to scratches, stains, chemicals and many other elements. One of the main characteristics of the varnish is that it is practically invisible, giving as a result the appearance of oiled wood, but the similarities end there. This is a high quality varnish that does not turn yellow in color.

It has certified ÖNORM C 2354 Category C (very high strength). It is a water-based varnish with excellent resistance to wear and chemicals, high resistance to chafe marks


Insignis Kiln dried PineConcrete